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Product Certification to ensure your construction and water & sewerage products meet industry standards (CIDB, SPAN). Third-Party Inspection for  Independent verification of quality and compliance for any product, system, or project.

Product Certification

We offer Product Certification Scheme which is based on the International Standard ISO/IEC 17067:2013. Upon Certification, applicant will be granted with Product Certificate of Comformity.

Amendment (KPS) Application Form

Applicable for applicant, who already granted with Product Certificate, wish to extend and/or reduce (Amend) certification scope in the Product Certificate. Upon completion of KPS, applicant will be supplied with amended scope of Product Certificate

3rd Party Inspection

We offer 3rd Party Inspection Service as a method for applicant to get attestation of Inspected Item is in accordance with application’s referenced document. Upon completion of 3rd party Inspection, applicant will be supplied with 3rd party Inspection report.


As an initiative to promote and support WELPS scheme for a better water efficient usage in Malaysia, ANQAS Certification offer services to conduct testing and provide laboratory test result for WELPS submission which include basin tap, sink tap, shower tap and ablution tap, water closet, urinal equipment, shower heads and clothes washing machine.

Who Should Apply


Manufacturer of product manufactured within Malaysia


Manufacturer of Product Manufactured outside Malaysia


Appointed by the manufacturer for product manufactured by the manufacturer


OEM product supplier for product manufactured by the manufacture

MANUFACTURER FOR AUTHORIZED BRAND / license brand / franchise

Manufacturer of product authorised to be manufactured under licensed brand

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